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Thursday, June 26,2014

Mobile conference: The Ultimate Guide to convince your Boss

At Mobile App Europe, app designers, app developers, mobile testers, managers and mobile marketers come together to discuss the future and present of the Mobile world. No matter their level of skills, this is the event for inspiration, education, and networking that your team... read more
Thursday, June 19,2014

How to find the right Mobile Test Devices?

Since 4 years I am working in the field of mobile testing and since then the mobile world changed dramatically in a very fast pace. Nearly every month new mobile devices are entering the market with new cool hard- and software features. We as... read more


You deal with multidisciplinary high-performance teams and get the most out of them every day. You understand the processes and the people and try to bring your team, stakeholders and customers closer.


You know how to deal with the crowded app marketplace and which channels and practices are best suited for your purposes. You are looking for innovative strategies and methods to reach your market.


Things like design and usability get your blood pumping and you use the best tools and systems daily with the aim to create a compelling user experience on mobile devices.


You speak Java, C, C++, HTML5, CSS. This is your daily work but also your passion. You can’t stop talking about code, new features, and the latest updates, and your goal is to give your customers an excellent user experience.


Your aim is to ensure quality and functionality of mobile applications in a fast-paced environment. You identify bugs and potential improvements to fulfill your customers’ requirements and ensure an excellent user experience.

30 Talks, 8 Workshops, 9 Keynotes and 1 great Tutorial.

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