Mobile conference: The Ultimate Guide to convince your Boss

Convince your boss to assist a mobile conference

At Mobile App Europe, app designers, app developers, mobile testers, managers and mobile marketers come together to discuss the future and present of the Mobile world. No matter their level of skills, this is the event for inspiration, education, and networking that your team members can’t afford to miss!

You love the idea and you have even checked the schedule, speakers, venue – “Yeah, this looks cool! I will learn a lot!” Then you go directly to your manager’s office hoping that he or she will pay for your conference tickets because you will learn a lot and improve your skills, and because you deserve it. But the answer is: NO, we have no budget.

So, let’s go back to the beginning. You love it, and you think you deserve it and then you think about talking to your boss, running through the corridor, greeting everyone in the office with a smiley face because your dreams will come true in just a few short  minutes, you are in front of his door and….STOP!!!

I am pretty sure that you know why you want to assist to a mobile conference and why you deserve this opportunity to expand your knowledge and your contacts, but the question is: who is going to pay this? It is logical to think that your boss would pay the tickets for you, but think about the reasons why my boss should pay the tickets for the conference?

You need a strategy! And that’s the reason why we have developed “the Ultimate guide to convince your boss to assist to a mobile conference.”

Think of your boss as an investor. What should you do? Create a sales pitch for him. In order to better develop your ideas I will explain 3 points, step by step, that will let you organize your thoughts and give enough reasons to your boss to let you attend a mobile conference.  These 3 steps are:

  1. What are the benefits of attending to a mobile conference?
  2. What does your boss want from a mobile conference?
  3. Mobile App Europe “Convince-your-Manager-Toolkit”

Ok, Let’s go straight to the first point:

What are Benefits of attending to a Mobile conference?

Read carefully the conference schedule and check the talks, keynotes and workshops you are interested in. In our case, Mobile App Europe has 5 fields of expertise: app design, app development, mobile testing, mobile marketing and management. Focus on your field of expertise first, and once you made your picks, find the benefits you will get from attending these talks and workshops. For example, after attending Jonathan Kohl´s workshop  on “Creating a great Mobile Experience” you will:

  • Make the paradigm shift from web and PC apps to mobile experiences.
  • Understand how mobile technology works, and how to utilize it well.
  • Use strategies to support mobile device platforms.
  • Structure mobile design approaches to create experiences that matter to mobile users.

Ok, we already have the first step. You know what you like and why you want to go to a mobile conference. Great speakers, interesting topics – but what does your boss expect from a mobile conference? Let’s go to the following point!

What wants your boss from a mobile conference?

If you want your boss to pay for the conference you have to go “company first”. That means that you have to match the benefits between you and your company. You know the benefits for you, but think for a while if you were the boss, why would you pay the expenses to you and your team to visit a mobile conference?

I will resume this question in 3 talking points that will let you develop your strategy:

  1. Training and trends: Expand the knowledge base and resources of your company.

    • Will the workshops, talks or keynotes you want to assist help you to finish a current or future project? Will they help you to improve your team productivity, workflow,…
    • Will your team learn best practices in different areas that will benefit directly the team?
    • Will you solve a specific pain point within your team or organization?
    • Will you bring in a new skill set that the company is lacking?
    • Will this mobile conference let you explore tools, technologies or processes interesting for your company?
  2. Networking, networking, networking

    • You can find out what other companies are doing to solve problems that you or your team mates have found oin your company.
    • You can make contacts on the mobile industry that might help your firm win the next big project or new collaborations.
    • You might even find the perfect team member that your company is looking for.

    Pro tip: Tell your manager how you plan to meet people. Ask if there are specific contacts it would be beneficial for your firm to make. For example: have a look at the Mobile App Europe Sponsors and speakers and define which company or speaker would be worthy to speak to.

  3. Return of investment

This is always a critical point. Check out the prices and calculate the investment required for the tickets, acommodation,.. We have an excel sheet ready for you in the next step, so you´ll be able to calculate your conference expenses ;-). Now compare them with the other two talking points. Do you think the value of your proposition is worthy of this investment?

OK, now you can talk with your boss :-). But, before talking to him, it would be better to write a brief letter explaining why you have to go to Mobile App Europe. You will see an example on the next step:

Mobile App Europe convince your manager toolkit

This toolkit contains 3 documents:

  • Conference expenses worksheet
  • Company´s benefits worksheet
  • Sample letter for your manager

Fill in the documents following the advice I gave you before and you will have the keys to convince your boss.

The hard part of the way is done! Your boss understands why you HAVE to go to this mobile conference and he is almost to say “Yes”. So, you have to be ready with your last (but not least) weapon. You could even save 10% of your ticket with a speaker discount ;-). Your boss will be in love with you!

Ready for it? It is just a matter of starting!

(Do us a favor, share it with your friends! ;-))