Tuesday, September 30 · 1:45 pm–2:35 pm

Judging People – Why we are wrong when we think we are right

In our daily work, making wrong decisions can cause a lot of pain, especially when they are based on false judgments about people. Nevertheless – „can I be wrong?“ may not be the first question that comes to mind after we have formed our first impressions. Why is that so? Are there underlying psychological mechanisms of social judgment that make us believe that we are right although we are wrong?

This keynote uncovers some hidden secrets why so many people fail in such judgments, and how they can overcome these systematic errors. The speaker summarizes more than 30 years of research in cognitive and social psychology about social judgment, and cognitive and implicit biases in particular.

Dr. Chaehan So - Portrait

Dr. Chaehan So

Dr. Chaehan So serves as COO of Axel Springer Ideas Engineering GmbH since 2013. Prior to this engagement, he had worked 14 years as an agile coach and consultant. During this time, he took a sabbatical and worked several years in psychological research at Humboldt University Berlin and as a lecturer in general psychology.

Apart from his Ph.D. in Psychology, he holds master’s degrees in engineering (Technical University Berlin) and business (Ecole Supérieure de Commerce de Paris).

Chaehan So’s first encounter with agile software development dates back to his Silicon Valley experience at Netscape in 1997 and to research conducted at Stanford University in 1998.