Tuesday, September 30 · 5:25 pm–6:15 pm

Responsive Game Design

Gone are the days where you can make a game and publish it to a
single platform expecting a sure fire success. The best way to solve this
problem is something I call “responsive game design” based on the same principles that
work so well in responsive design for web apps. This framework includes the
following key principles:

  • Game graphics and UI support multiple resolutions
  • Game mechanics work across multiple types of input
  • Publish to multiple platforms with the same codebase
  • Saved data is synced across all platforms

During this talk we’ll cover how to apply this strategy to your
own games enabling them to scale across desktop, mobile, tablet and even TV.

Jesse Freeman - Portrait

Jesse Freeman

Jesse Freeman is a Developer Evangelist at Amazon focusing on HTML5 and gaming. Jesse has been on the cutting edge of interactive development with a focus on the Web and Mobile platforms. As an expert in his field, Jesse has worked for Microsoft, MLB, HBO, the New York Jets, VW, Tommy Hilfiger, Heavy and many more. In addition to development, Jesse has a background in art with a masters in interactive computer art from the School of Visual Arts.